Case Studies

A selection of customers who take advantage of Geolink products and services.


Sanileas is a leading provider for the organization and regulation of sanitary transport. All their vehicles integrate OpenTracker with custom software that interfaces to the service.


Daimler India uses a customized version of OpenTracker connected to the truck audio system, allowing voice communication with the driver, while tracking the position in real-time.


Ammico uses OpenTracker on their heavy machinery; a custom version of software tracks the vehicles in real-time and detects idle intervals while collecting and logging data from various sensors.


Mo2Drive offers an innovative scooter sharing service. OpenTracker is used to control the Vespa without the need of keys. A custom software interfaces OpenTracker to their platform and mobile app.


MLR uses a custom version of OpenTracker and Geolink service to collect and log data from several sensors used to monitor green fields and generate reports and alerts.


Eirebus offers a coach service in Ireland; they equipped all the buses with OpenTracker with special software that provides a real-time location to both operators and customers.