Do you have custom project? We can help.
We know how to connect and monitor heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment.

Geolink has extensive experience in customizing our existing platform to meet specific business requirements. From monitoring of the railroad refrigerated cargo to monitoring of soccer green fields, we have all the technology stack for your monitoring and data acquisition project.

Custom Monitoring

Our own open source hardware, OpenTracker, allows us to connect many different sensors and IO signals. We can create customized monitoring solution based on your requirements.

  • Monitoring of temperatures.
  • Monitoring of fuel levels.
  • ON/OFF signals.
  • Machinery Idle time.
  • RPM signals.
  • Temperature alarms.
  • Machinery control with ON/OFF timers and schedule.
  • We can connect to almost any sensor on the market.

Custom Reporting

We can create custom web interface to display your data.

  • Custom dashboards and graphs.
  • Data entry and import with custom business logic.
  • Complex calculations on acquired data.
  • Custom import/export of reports.
  • Custom alarms via email and SMS.
  • Reports built based on your business requirements.
  • Automation of business processes with specified threshold rules.
  • Custom API calls and automated integration with your own systems.

Use Geolink for your new project and save money on developing new software!
Contact us to discuss your requirements.