Geolink Driver

Mobile app for Drivers and Fleet Managers.

Geolink Goes Mobile

Geolink Driver app for Android and iOS puts all Geolink features at your fingertips; trackers, maps, drivers, trips, expenses, tasks, everything is available when you need it.

Tasks and Notifications

Last-minute itinerary change? No problem, just create a new task for your driver and he will receive a notification in real-time. You will be able to see if the task is pending, accepted, completed.

Real-Time Tracking

Geolink Driver app can track the vehicle in real-time; it starts when the drivers check-in and stop on check-out.

Expenses management

No more paper, the driver can log any expense and even save the receipt by scanning it with the phone camera.

White Label

Geolink is a white-label solution, so is the Driver app. Your logo and brand will be there making it your solution to your customers.

Tailored for You

We are ready to customize Geolink service and the Driver app following your specs and upload to the app store under your name.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us for assistance.