Hours of Service

FMCSA certified ELD and AOBRD compliant solution.

Geolink Hours Of Service (HOS) is a service designed to keep track of the amount of time long-haul drivers are allowed for traveling/transporting, a critical element to the trucking industry. It controls the amount of time truck drivers are allowed to travel.

Geolink HOS replaces the paper logs by introducing a very simple yet effect electronic logging system for the driver to keep track of their times. It also removes a lot of room for error that paper logs have. With the aid of OpenTracker or bluetooth EDL device, Geolink HOS can automatically record when the vehicle is put in drive, updating driver's status and recording the time driven.

The driver and the operator are alerted in real-time if the driver is not logged-in, or his driving time is expiring.

  • White label Hours of Service (HOS) FMCSA certified solution
  • Multiple ELD bluetooth devices supported
  • Designed for fleet owners and reseller partners
  • Fully customizable on request
  • Fully white label and branded mobile applications
  • Phone and Tablet compatible

This module is under development and we are looking for USA based partners. Contact us for partnership options.

If you are interested in HOS/EDL solution, please contact us.