Places and Geofencing with Geolink

Setup geofences and receive email alerts when your device leaves or enters the area.
Setup Places and categorize Trips based on start/stop at the specific Place.

1. Click on Geofencing menu entry to open Geofencing section. Click on geofencing controls to start drawing new geofence.

You can draw polygon, rectangle and cycle shapes.

2. Draw desired geofence shape and set it's name.

Geofence is saved automatically and you can edit details and link units right away. You can edit geofence by changing it's shape. You can delete geofence by clicking Delete icon.

3. Link unit or group to geofence.

Set notification emails or automatically categorize trips based on this geofence for linked units.

Select your unit or unit group and choose available actions:

Geofence setup is complete.
Click on any geofence to edit it again or link more units.