Visualize sensors or I/O data with Geolink and get automatic alarms.

  1. Send sensors data according to our protocol: Custom devices

  2. Following user access rights are available for sensors:

    • Manage own sensors - user allowed to manage sensors connect to the units he allowed to see.
    • Manage all sensors - user allowed to manage all sensors for the domain. (admin user)

    To set user access rights, click Settings -> Users and edit selected user.

  3. Sensors will be automatically added when you send data, to manage new sensors click Settings -> Sensors.

  4. Following sensor options are available:

    • Status
    • Display name - (example: Water Temperature)
    • Display description - (example: Current water temperature in the main boiler)
    • Display unit - (example: C)
    • Graph type - graphs can be Line, Bar, Points, Line steps, Line filled.
    • Bar width - width of the Bar in case of Bar graph.
    • Show data points - show individual data points.
    • Color - color of the graph.
    • Sort - sensors will be sorted according to this number. Sensors with lower numbers go on top.
    • Shortcut - create dedicated button in the unit options for specific sensors. Pressing the button will automatically display selected sensors. (example: create shortcut "Boiler room" that will display all sensors in the room)
    • Alarm - set minimum and maximum values for the sensor and email address to receive alarms. Any deviation from specified range or sensor disconnect will trigger an automatic alarm.
    • Dashboard highlight - when applicable, sensor dashboard will have highlighted sensors according to this setting.
      • Optimal Range - sensor highlighted green.
      • Critical Range - sensor highlighted red. Critical range considered anything below Minimum value and above Maximum value.
      • Warning Range - sensor highlighted yellow. Warning rage considered anything outside Optimal range and not with in Critical range.
    • Conversion table - create sensor value conversions, useful for converting mV to Liters.
      • Example - 105:5,205:15:255:50
      • Result - sensor value of 105 will be displayed as 5, sensor value of 205 will be displayed as 15, sensor value of 255 will be displayed as 50
      • Note - values will be converted to the closest found conversion entry. In the example above sensor value of 105 and 110 will both be displayed as 5.
    • Round decimals - sensor value will be rounded to this number of decimals.
  5. To display sensors, click on any unit and open "Unit Options". Sensors tab will be available where you can choose sensors to show and desired time range. You can also export sensors data in CSV format.

Geolink sensors support allows you to visualize any data and build complex monitoring systems with automatic alarms.
If you require custom sensors calculations or specific customization, please contact us.